In order to run testing we need your DNA. No worries, this is not a genetic analysis based on protein-code(like the police does). A lot of people do not know that approximately 95% of our DNA are units which regulate the body and are mostly sequences with functions so far unknown to science. To us the importance lies in those 95% of the DNA where all `information` is stored (not just reactions to substances) in a biophoton-matrix. We send to you a small test-set (swab in a sac). Put a small amount of your saliva (contains thousands of your body´s cells) or blood (2-3 drops) on the swab. Place the swab back in the resealable sac and send it to us in an envelope. So far we have only been asking for blood samples. Many telephone conversations with other clients showed us though that a lot of people are afraid to prick one´s finger . Saliva or blood – it does not make a difference. In order to give those of you a chance for healing who are too afraid to take a blood sample we only ask for saliva (just like with babies or animals).

The energetic analysis (test) is only € 90. You receive it per invoice without additional cost.

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The REGU-IMMUN-Therapy automatically includes the REGU-IMMUN-Test since analysis is required to make your individual “Energetika” including all necessary follow-up testing *. The therapy plus test are only € 499. You receive a small test-set (swab in a sac). You put a small amount of saliva or blood on the swab. You get the energetic treatment per invoice without additional cost. If you previously ordered the REGU-IMMUN-Test we substract this amount and you only pay the remaining € 409.

*all following analysis plus Energetika are included in the therapy. Since each body has its own rules we do not know ahead of time how many tests and Energetika are necessary to correct all energetic disorders. Some people only need 3-4 Energetika, other may need 5-6 or more. We run tests until all energetic disorders are gone! All testing and necessary Energetika are included in the above mentioned price for the therapy!

Use this unique chance to correct your disorders safely and completely without side effects. 96% of our clients report fundamental effects with our REGU-IMMUN–treatment!

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