Did you know that?

Allergies are known and unknown energetic phenomena that develop by interaction between the body and its environment and the cause of which is unknown to conventional medicine as of today. Therefore many people know the triggers as well as what happens in the body in detail, but they do not know WHY it is that way. As a result they are only concerned about reducing the symptoms.

ALLERGIE IMMUN does it the other way around. Symptoms are not important to us (we leave that to the doctors) but the cause of disease is. In the last couple of years we were able to see again and again that unknown allergies are the cause of disorders of the body. Therefore a `harmless` allergy to pollen may develop quickly into asthma, neurodermatitis and basically all of the known symptoms that cannot be explained by conventional medicine. But what is the cause?

For one thing the body is not a robot put together by small building blocks, it (or our cells altogether) rather reacts to electromagnetic fields. That is an undeniable fact. All matter, be it a stone, a flower, a virus or a human being, continuously emits electromagnetic waves that are made up of electricity and magnetism. This way every matter `generates` its´ own and individual wave pattern or pattern of identification.

The DNA holds our genes (building blocks) and at the same time stores photons. The DNA is a transmitter and antenna at the same time that stores and emits photons.

About 95% of our DNA are regulation units but mainly contain sequence segments with functions unknown to science. These segments are obviously being used to store `information` in the form of electromagnetic patterns. We believe that even personal experience (conflict situations) get stored there as patterns that unconsciously act in similar situations and therefore have an influence on the body. Maybe in the future we will be able to explain how talents or behavior is inherited.

Unknown allergies – what does this mean?

The human body absorbs energy-rich nutrition and emits products of low energy. The difference in energy enables the organism to generate energy for the various tasks it has to accomplish. Apart from energy the body absorbs `negentropy` * from nutrition by absorbing low entropic nutrition and excreting entropy-rich (chaotic) products. The difference in entropy enables the body to organize its` functions extremely well. This means that the better the body can dissect food into inferior entropic  (chaotic) minerals the higher its` ability to regulate.` (Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp)

* Entropy is the degree of disarray in a chemical system. Negentropy is the opposite of entropy.

Thanks to bio-photon research we now know that every being emits and absorbs weak electromagnetic impulses and processes them via its` own energy field. This includes plants and animals and it means that every matter, be it human, animal or plant, is surrounded by an electromagnetic field.

When we put food in our mouth these fields inevitably overlap. What matters though is if those two components are aligned or opposite to achieve either constructive or destructive interference.

Put simply, it is an error of polarity. The opposite of what is desired is achieved. Instead of integrating nutrition the body fights it like an enemy. And since these errors are inherited they are normal to the body (system) just like your eye color. The system doesn´t care if it is blue, grey or green.

Left picture                                     right picture

When electromagnetic fields overlap it is important if the components are aligned or opposite to achieve either constructive (left) or destructive (right) interference. This effect of interference for coherent photon fields is fundamental to biological systems.

Our insight:

People with unknown allergies absorb substances from nutrition and come in contact with a lot of other substances on a daily basis. The majority of them is not aligned as usual but opposite, and leads to chaotic conditions, to errors in regulation culminating in complete inability to regulate. The consequence is chronic symptoms of all kinds.

Our research shows that these false instructions for the body are inherited just like your eye color. False instructions as well as the eye color are normal for the body. It isn´t necessary to change anything.

ALLERGIE-IMMUNs´ approach is unique because it is brand new. The false reaction of your body is inherited. Your body therefore doesn´t know it is doing something wrong, it needs to learn first what is right.

For example someone reacts allergic to apples. Under normal circumstances when someone takes a bite of an apple the body would signal: vitamin intake by an apple. In the case of an error in regulation the body would signal: enemy, and it would react with defense.

Your allergy is in inherited error in your body and you need to correct it! Your body can learn to react the right way.

Picture this like flipping a switch in your body. This switch decides if it is "friend" or "enemy" and induces further measures like acceptance or defense.

It´s very simple: a falsely interpreted substance is the cause for the error in regulation. In order to correct this error one needs to eliminate the cause or the error in regulation.

How a drop of blood reveals the cause of your allergy

We may retrieve a bio-energetic blood diagnosis from a single drop of blood/saliva. It tells us why you react to certain foods or pollen. There are usually many substances that an allergy sufferer reacts to.

This blood diagnosis is very individual and may be compared to a finger print. I already mentioned that all we need is a drop of blood. A small set for taking the blood sample will be send to you. This set contains a blood lancet and a swab in a bag. All you need to do is prickle your finger and place a little blood on the swab and you are done. You don´t need a doctor for that – you can do it yourself.

In any case this bio-energetic blood diagnosis is the first step to heal your allergies. After 5-7 days you receive the results in your mail and learn why you react to harmless substances.

This research method considers the individual condition of health or disease of a human being in psycho-emotional and physical aspects. This is exceptional and very promising!

How our Energetika may eliminate the cause of disease

The second step is for us to specially develop an individual Energetika for you to eliminate communication problems between certain substances and your cells.

The Energetika are personalized drops for your energetic blockades. You take these drops for 14 days and then pause for another 14 days. It is followed by an additional test to check the progress of the treatment. This is followed by a second cycle as well as test to check progress.

Usually the cause of disease is eliminated after two cycles. If that should not be the case we just continue with additional cycles at no additional cost. It is necessary to get to the bottom of the cause of the disease and fight it.

All in all one could say that ALLERGIE-IMMUN is a method of analysis and therapy that has been tested for many years. It finds the substances your body erroneously reacts to with defense. On the other hand the Energetika enables your immune system to learn not to react to harmless substances.

Your checklist tells you all about possible symptoms.

Gluten is a good example. We know that the affected person´s body is not able to dissect this substance and this leads to intestinal problems. This substance not only is incompatible, but it leads to a chain reaction. Only many years later conventional medicine is able to diagnose the damage (celiac disease). We think it almost impossible to give up gluten completely since even ´gluten-free´ foods contain a tiny amount of gluten. The amount would be taken into account.

It is the same with wheat and soy.  Almost all foods contain wheat. The ´opposite polarity´ influences absorbance (we also call it identification error) and the body is not able to identify this substance. The effects on the body speak for themselves. As a result not enough enzymes necessary for digestion are produced. This may be the reason why these people gain more and more weight, even though they eat ´normally´. Our experience shows that many affected people normalize their weight after using our treatment.

When energetic errors are corrected with the PSP-Therapy the body may consequently identify substances and then produce the necessary enzymes so that the body can achieve a normal state after regeneration. (see picture above, left).