Is it possible to cure allergies and chronic diseases?

Allergies and chronic diseases Is it possible to cure allergies and chronic diseases?

Or is conventional medicine right when they say that chronic diseases cannot be cured?

We believe that it is possible to cure them. At least that is what our research and experience of many years with clients and their statements show. Among those were health problems or diseases of all kinds that either disappeared or are at least at a tolerable stage now. This means that everything is possible with our bio-energetic method.

We have been doing this for years and therefore we believe that allergies are curable too. The only thing amiss so far is scientific evidence. We would like to stress though that for legal reasons we do not promise to heal diseases, we exclusively work with the energetic regulation process. If diseases got better or disappeared altogether then even better, but that is not our premise.

Obviously we are not completely wrong with the way we think and work. In addition we believe that conventional medicine may not cure allergies since the cause of health problems is still unknown.

There is a solution for everything

We know there is a solution for every problem, we just have to know what it is. It is important where to look for it and to be ready to try new ways (sometimes scientifically unproven) since the solution cannot be found on the molecular level.

In addition conventional medicine is as helpless with chronic ailments as with allergies. All efforts target symptoms only. Symptoms though, derive only from disruptions in the energy field. Only when the body is not able to normally regulate or other blockages prevent it from doing so then symptoms start to show and we feel what we call disease.

One example would be H2O (water). It is no different from ice in its molecular structure but the energy distributes itself differently in its fluidal and its firm state among the molecules. That is the only reason for different behavior.

When we look at the humans´ body it is possible that energy concentrates itself in a place, a different (firm) state develops and we see that as disease. Here is a simple example: suppose you bruised your arm, the place of your bruise would not only get warmer, it would also swell and it would show a bruise. The energy concentrates right there and blocks material, caused by the bruise.

When energy slowly redistributes itself the swelling goes down and pain diminishes equally. There is an interaction of 3 factors: energy – swelling – pain.

Back to the bruise: What happens if energy gets stuck in this place? Exactly, swelling persists and most likely the pain too. Why would that be?

The body is missing the right "information" or "manual"

Well, we believe that the body just misses the right ´information´ to regulate accordingly. Here is another simple example: Imagine going downtown in your car and parking it somewhere you memorize. Two hours later you realize you forgot the name of the street you parked your car in. Loss of information! Right now you do not know which way to go. You are thinking very hard but you are having a block. You have in fact not lost the information of the streets´ name, it still exists in our brain as an electromagnetic pattern. Consciously though you have no access to it. But we do.

If you were now to take REGU-IMMUN drops where that information was stored you would be able to find your car. We would have replaced the missing information and with it dissolved your block and put you back to normal regulation.

I admit, these are very simple examples but they may help you (visually) understand our work better. This is basically what we do. We just don´t talk to you as a person, we communicate with the billions of your body´s cells. These cells are a lot smarter than many of you might think. They need to be coordinated. Every cell has to be informed about all other cells. Therefore there has to be communication among them in this organism (body).

We believe that as long as there is communication there cannot be any allergic reaction or chronic problem. This means that allergies / chronic diseases are nothing but a problem of the cells´ communication. Cells also determine growth.

If your body reacts erroneously to harmless substances then it is because it works with the wrong information or is following the wrong instructions. The harmless substance should not be the enemy that has to be fought, but unfortunately your body is programmed that way. This is the error!

In reality it is not the substance that is fought, only chemical processes are activated for something that is absolutely useless. Unfortunately this process stays active (histamine activation). We believe it is not necessary to discuss the substance that may have caused that allergy. They have nothing to do with the erroneous program in your body.

If one detected an error in a computer program one would probably not try to find out if it was the drive or the screen but, while doing just that, one might find other errors that have nothing to do with the initial program error.

Dogged scientists?

Scientists are obviously a lot more eager. They continue to look for the substances to find a way to protect the body from them. Don ´t you find it a little crazy, especially since it is only a program error? Maybe this is exactly the problem. Those scientists are not in charge of the software but are trying very hard to solve problems of the hardware. We doubt that they will ever be successful.

It is obvious that no scientist is trying to find the real cause, but why isn´t anyone trying? No doctor ever digs deeper and asks for the cause of disease. WHY does the body react to harmless substances? That would be like asking the doctor e.g. why his son is so good at math. Why is he so good? Just because he is, is the simple answer. And why is that? Maybe because he inherited this talent from his mother or grandfather.

Now take a look at the body and ask the same simple question: WHY does the body react erroneously to harmless substances? The answer again is, just because it is. This ´talent´ (in this case a negative one) was inherited. Just like the boy is good at math it is normal for the body to erroneously react to harmless substances and activate chemical processes that then lead to symptoms. The effects have to show somewhere. Neither the son nor the body had reason to change that.

Since this continuous fight inside the body is not natural; there are no direct enemies like a virus; activated defensive measures are shooting through the body. It is useless to say that this releases energy. We have learned from the example of the bruise what happens when energy is unevenly distributed. It means that the body of people with chronic disease and allergies constantly regulates wrong. Many of those with a chronic disease don´t necessarily know that allergies are the cause of it. Oftentimes symptoms like migraines or pain, etc. are the only ones, there are no typical allergy symptoms. Who thinks of allergies when they have a back ache and conventional medicine finds no cause. This is a good example for the erroneous behavior of the body.

Let´s go back to the example of the car where you forgot the name of the street. Or imagine you are in a long corridor with many doors and you don´t know which door to open to get on. And now imagine that we (ALLERGIE-IMMUN) knew which door to take, would you let us help you find it?

ALLERGIE-IMMUN is not specialized to give people new or lost information though but to give it to the cells of the body. Our cells communicate just like we do. A lot of them do know what to do. Think of the vegetative nerve system that controls the heart beat or breathing, it flows autonomously. If the cells´ communication collectively works, only then an organized regulation of all processes in the body is possible.

Cells communicate between each other by way of light. Light is always there. Bio-photons enable this communication between cells. This is a vital process to our health.

An acknowledged journal (´Die Woche´) had an article about bio-photon research and light energy in our organism. Light energy controls bio-chemical processes, together with the body´s own information. The higher the cells´ ability to store light, the higher the contribution to the cellular regulation. Everyday food gives us light energy too. Bio-physicist Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp said that the human is not a carnivore or vegetarian but primarily absorbes light.

It seems incredible: there is light in our cells!

Scientists worldwide have affirmed that our somatic cells emit light. Popp calls them bio-photons. Photons are light quantum, the smallest element of light. They are called bio because they are emitted by living cells. These days the light emitted by cells can be made visible by low-light amplifiers.

The human body glows?

There is someone else who is devoted to bio-photons. ALLERGIE-IMMUN successfully works with the effects of bio-photons against allergies. We at ALLERGIE-IMMUN (just like Popp) believe light is the essential information carrier of life. In order to explain what allergies are and where they come from ALLERGIE-IMMUN chose a way far from conventional medicine. ALLERGIE-IMMUN cultivated the knowledge of traditional healing methods as well as biological medicine and the latest research about bio-photons. Our team took over a decade to research the cause of allergies and developed an application that activates the client´s self-healing power that has previously been blocked. We give the organism the possibility to go from chaos to alignment.

Diseases are system errors

The main starting point for allergies and many other diseases is to focus on ´system, energy and information´.

Somatic cells glow and pass on the light. When the body is ill this is not possible. There is a communication breakdown (loss of information).

Our phagocytes (scavenger cells) have the ability to take up bacteria or other foreign substances and to then render them harmless. This process is incessant and increases when we get sick. It can be measured with a bio-photon analysis. A Chinese scientist (Sheng) proved that phagocytosis happens by bio-photons. Bio-photons enable communication between cells. Anyone can imagine how important this communication is for our health, making it possible for health to exist.

Bio-energetic diagnosis

New insights in the research of bio-photons and our own research enable us to derive information from a drop of blood. ALLERGIE-IMMUN analyses this blood drop and does a bio-energetic diagnosis in order to individually support the client. ALLERGIE-IMMUN works with the so-called PSP-therapy (polarity-signature-program-therapy). After analyzing the client´s blood we develop a personalized REGU-IMMUN-Energetika. ALLERGIE-IMMUN has found a way to not only preserve communication between substances and cells (that may lead to wrong chemical processes) but also to identify and correct any other blocks in the humans´ body.

The connections shown and the statements made are confirmed by thousands of lab analysis.

Over 80 % of our clients that successfully completed the REGU-IMMUN-therapy state that all symptoms are gone and they are now free of symptoms.

The private research institute ALLERGIE-IMMUN was founded by Heinz Grundmeyer in the 90´s with the purpose of correcting erroneous regulation in the human body, especially allergies and chronic diseases.

ALLERGIE-IMMUN remarks: we would like to note that our method is neither scientifically proven nor is it generally approved by science. We exclusively engage in energetic effects on human beings. Therefore our therapy does not substitute a visit to the doctor or naturopath. We do not give diagnoses conventionally speaking.

We are neither doctors nor naturopaths but bio-energetic researchers. Therefore we do not make any promises in terms of healing.