ALLERGIE-IMMUN is leading and unique when it comes to identifying and correcting environmentally induced imbalances in the body.
Allergies as well as the resulting chronic ailments cannot be controlled by conventional medicine, since the cause is unknown.

ALLERGIE-IMMUN is probably the leading private institute worldwide that deals with the cause of energetic imbalances. Those imbalances are the result of interactions between humans, environment and industry. It is the artificial substances the body cannot handle and makes a sensible balance in homeostasis impossible. The body´s normal regulation is coming to a dead end.

The REGU-IMMUN therapy corrects such imbalances. In the field of complementary medicine this therapy it is an effective tool in a worldwide fight against those "diseases of civilisation".


Bio-energetic (bio-cybernetic) diagnosis and therapy by ALLERGIE-IMMUN

In order to understand the basics of this holistic long claimed bio-cybernetic diagnosis and therapy one needs to comprehend the basics of electrical engineering, cybernetics or information technology but not necessarily the details thereof.

The bio-cybernetic diagnosis and therapy analyses and corrects an abnormally functioning superior regulation system of the body and intervenes directly with the faster acting information- and control system on which the bio-chemical system depends. It is not about knowing the details but understanding the basic connections. The highest superior system is the bio-energetic system (information system). In old cultures this regulation system was described as the ´energy of life´.

A lot of traditional medicinal systems know some kind of ´life energy´, a power (energy and information) that ´gives´ life to the material body. This energy gets the human body´s metabolism going and controls its bio-chemical processes. In China this is called ´Chi´, in India ´Prana´. In areas where German is spoken they used to say ´Od´(Odem). Until a few years ago the existence of this was a matter of belief or that of experience because it could not be measured or metrologically proved. Thanks to a physicist by the name of Prof. F.A.Popp that has changed. Ever since he was able to give proof that light (bio-photons) exist in our body´s cells, , more and more people who used to assume that our body is just a chemistry lab, become silent. However today we know that bio-chemical processes (conventional medicine still partially believes in it) are by far too slow to coordinate such an immense amount of processes in our body at the required speed. Only the bio-energetic regulation system is able to strike up a faster pace. (See under cell communication)

The BRS-system (bio-energetic regulation system) is superior to the bio-chemical system (body) and works a lot faster and better by bio-photons.

Therefore it was possible to prove the existence of energetic phenomena described in Asia´s traditional medicinal systems, e.g. :

  • The meridians of acupuncture, the chakras (stationary whirls in the human body´s energy system) and Kundalini energy (a more
  • intense energetic ´operating status´ of the nervous system and the brain)
  • Western researchers also showed with those examples how much the human being primarily is an energetic being:
  • Cells communicate amongst each other by means of light signals (bio-photons)
  • Before a muscle may move, a part of the brain initiates thinking, before something ´heals´ or psi-phenomena may happen, polarity potential in the human body´s energy field needs to change first
  • The flow of minerals (e.g. calcium) into the body´s cells may be regulated only by electromagnetic waves or magnetic fields
  • Magnetic fields help heal bones much better and make joints more flexible

A change in life´s energy happens – sometimes a long time - before the physical or mental health changes in some way. Errors happen on the BRS-level which then disrupt the bio-chemical system considerably. Chronic persistent inflammation is therefore caused by the errors of the defense system in the body.

If these errors are not corrected in time the body becomes unbalanced and diseases may develop.

According to what we know today only a perfectly functioning and fixed BRS may induce a change on the body level. Conventional therapies or medication are not able to do that yet since they relate to specific organs. But they leave the question unanswered as to why a certain organ got sick in the first place.

Instead of directly treating the pain or symptoms of disease we use the body´s information system to correct the errors in the BRS so that the body may then help itself.

The human body first ´gets sick´ on the BRS-level, a long time before symptoms of disease can be found.

Knowledge of conventional medicine makes this hard to understand and utilize because even though the needed basics of bio-cybernetics are known in biology, conventional medicine studies do not include it. Conventional medicine is rather good at surgery and accidents because it relates to specific organs. Conventional doctors may be of great help to those patients with medical evidence of their symptoms but are at a loss when no pathogenic evidence can be found, e.g. allergies, allergic asthma, dermatitis, urticaria, constant headaches or migraines, acid reflux, rheumatism and intestinal problems.

Conventional medicine treats the pathogenic effect (e.g. tumors) but not the cause of it. The risk of it reappearing is very high.

Before pathologic changes, regulation collapses, mostly by stress or fighting substances that are not really hostile.

Since the revelation of bio-cybernetics nothing significant has been added to treat those patients. Bio-cybernetics has been worked with at institutes where doctors work too. But somehow those works have not made their way to conventional medicine, although the demand for bio-cybernetics is getting stronger.

The dilemma is that the basics of biology (the hierarchy of regulation systems and bio-cybernetics of information and control systems) are not included in medicine studies. That is why doctors are still trying to eliminate ´errors´ in the organ itself. The main reason for this dilemma is not that these phenomena do not exist but that it is not possible to prove their existence.

At least the western world knows relatively little about the cause of disease. The industry has been operating from computer-based centers in modern companies rather than from individual positions for quite some time now. This was possible not only by using the knowledge of information but also the more complex cybernetics.

We do not need to understand bio-cybernetics in detail (complex processes in the body), we simplify it. We just need the knowledge of complex regulations and its hierarchy in our body without knowing its regulation in detail.

ALLERGIE-IMMUN is not a substitute for conventional medicine but rather an option for those where conventional medicine may not be helping.


Why REGU-Immun?

REGU-Immun is a safe and easy therapy for people fighting allergies or other chronic ailments (errors in regulation) who could not be helped so far.

REGU-Immun corrects the unbalanced cell communication that has led to false chemical processes due to false DNA information.

This safe and natural therapy REGU-Immun normalizes your immune system gradually. Potential allergens may then be recognized as harmless substances and won´t be fought against anymore. No more allergic reactions!

This therapy REGU-Immun consists of one or more Energetika (all Energetika and tests are included in the total price). After taking it for approx. 2 weeks you send us another sample. Should analysis reveal more ´errors´ we then develop your next individual REGU-IMMUN-Energetika with the information of this sample. Your body determines how many bottles it needs. As long as the body shows signs of errors they are being corrected. You may somewhat compare this to peeling an onion. In order to get to the core you need to remove layer by layer. In children this may be achieved a lot quicker than in adults who have been fighting a disease for many years.

REGU-Immun teaches your immune system step by step to deal with substances without evoking allergies or intolerances. To our knowledge REGU-Immun is also effective against a lot of other ´blocks´ in the body which may create an imbalance and lead to chronic ailments of all sorts.


How does REGU-IMMUN work?

REGU-IMMUN corrects electromagnetic patterns (*1) that activate false chemical processes in the body and normalizes the unbalanced communication of cells and therefore your immune system. It helps avoid unwanted allergic reactions.

REGU-IMMUN prevents false cell information from being inherited (your children) and therefore breaks a long cycle of errors in regulation.

Our body´s function consists of DNA-data (the basic foundation of living organisms) that is stored as ´electromagnetic patterns´ and energy. When this system gets disrupted not only does it evoke false chemical processes but false data gets passed on (proliferation) from cell to cell and eventually inherited. Herein we may see the reason why more and more children are being born with allergic symptoms. Researchers as well as doctors are at a loss with this phenomenon and therefore it is about time to change our thinking.

Strangely enough conventional medicine does not consider missing or false information to be the cause of disease.

REGU-IMMUN teaches the cells of the immune system to distinguish between ´friend and enemy´. Instead of fighting harmless substances and releasing histamine and other substances (and trigger allergic responses) the immune system learns to eliminate this reaction. REGU-IMMUN does not correlate with other medication because it acts on a different level.

(*1) our cells have the ability to react to electromagnetic waves. Therefore they are transceivers of light. An electromagnetic wave is a wave of coupled electric and magnetic fields e.g. radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, UV-light as well as X-rays and gamma rays, the whole spectrum of waves. The only difference between these types of waves lies in its frequency (specific energy). Known substances are saved as electromagnetic patterns (like a picture or fingerprint) in our DNA so that our immune cells don´t have to identify and analyze them anew all the time.


How effective is REGU-IMMUN?

96,4 % effective rate with REGU-Immun,

  • 73,9 % say they are now free of symptoms,
  • 17,7 % still show a few symptoms and only
  • 8,7 % have not improved at all.

In the majority of cases REGU-Immun was effective against allergies and intolerances and its reactions as well as many other chronic ailments. It took about 3-6 months for these clients to become free of symptoms and they do not need any more medication. Once they have reached this state relapses are relatively rare. In order to maintain this effect it is important to continue therapy until ALLERGIE-IMMUN cannot find any more ´errors´. In some cases more than 3 bottles REGU-IMMUN may be needed. Some of our clients have achieved spectacular success. A few of those experiences can be found in this website (in German).

Please help us make this therapy REGU-Immun become popular by breaking the mold in a safe way and use the opportunity for healing.

A vital fact for the success of REGU-Immun is us working with electromagnetic patterns only which are already existent in your body (and may evoke errors or symptoms), meaning REGU-Immun is more effective than alternative methods because we correct precisely these errors. The droplets in REGU-Immun therapy are always and exclusively personalized, the information is derived from the electromagnetic pattern of your DNA.


Start now!

If you are affected by any of the above mentioned ailments it is up to you to decide. You could either get immuno-therapy or hyposensitive treatments (accepted by conventional medicine) that may have side-effects and can only alleviate suffering or try a new therapy that might not have sufficient proof as of now but is completely free of side-effects and may offer the chance of healing.


NOTICET: he theory developed by ALLERGIE-IMMUN is presently not scientifically proven. Therefore it has no scientific meaning as such. The theses of Heinz Grundmeyer and his team may not be scientifically proven yet, but they are unrefuted so far. The information offered on this website serves as support only and is not a substitute for a the patient doctor (website-visitior doctor) relationship.