Do you suffer from allergies or chronic health problems?

We know their causes and possible solutions!

- Relief by re-forming the bio-energetic regulation-system!

"The one who puts up with allergies will soon have no protection againstworse chronic diseases!"

Hay fever, asthma, urticaria, allergies against dust mites, animal hair and sunlight, allergic reactions against foods, insect bites, cosmetic products, chemical substances, environmental toxins, preservatives, additives – who is able to claim these days that their body´s defense system never panics and reacts completely wrong?

Even if you are able to claim that: are you sure your headaches, migraine, your stomach – and intestinal problems, your heart – and circulatory problems, your chronic infections are not caused by allergies? Have you ever thought that your child´s school problems may be caused by allergies?

The one who puts up with allergies, avoids or chemically and forcefully suppresses them will soon have no protection against really bad chronic diseases and be prone to all infections – that is our (ALLERGIE-IMMUN) alarming experience. Today over 80% of all mankind suffers and dies from a "chronic disease". More info…

ALLERGIE-IMMUN analyses and corrects your disrupted bio-energetic regulation-system which, according to us, is the cause of many "chronic" disruptions in the body. More info…

The REGU-Immun treatment has been a tried and tested concept of therapy by ALLERGIE-IMMUN since 1999 with a holistic approach. In contrast to conventional medicine and alternative medicine it does not fight symptoms but finds and eliminate the cause of disease.

Why the body (re)acts wrong!

ALLERGIE-IMMUN believes that allergic reactions and chronic health problems are caused by the wrong biological information in the bio-energetic regulation system (BRS) and have unknowingly been inherited for generations like a "talent" or "behavior pattern". Therefore the body does not know it is doing something wrong.

Our research concludes that an allergy and the resulting chronic disruptions are a regulation disruption of the body. This means that the allergic reaction as we know it, is triggered by the wrong ´programming´ of the BRS. Therefore the body´s reaction to harmless substances results in those well-known intense and chronic symptoms.

The BRS (our power-, energy-, or information field) regulates many processes in our body. It contains ´information´ and ´instructions´ on how to handle certain processes like heartbeat or breathing. It also contains information on handling certain environmental substances. The BRS system is basically the ´software´ of our body. This software caught some errors that prevent the body from a normal regulation. One small error could result in an array of erroneous reactions and wrong regulations if the original and mostly inherited errors are not corrected.

Electric and magnetic power fields play almost no role in biology and no role in medicine whereas they do in traditional physics. We are all able to at least feel the thermal (heat) field of another being when we get closer to it with the palm of our hand (without touching it). Conventional science has no knowledge of where thoughts and feelings are located, only their effects. It therefore only represents a relatively small part of our existence.

ALLERGIE-IMMUN starts where conventional medicine hits the wall!

Allergies are erroneous reactions of the Body!

The alleged allergen is not the enemy, the error lies in our own body. Therefore the problem for the body is not some substance in apples, hazel bushes or other things. It is the erroneous software that leads to a false chemical activation. The body finds certain substances harmful (interpreted via BRS). The substance is never the cause but only the trigger of the body´s disruptions.

Allergies: deficits in energy cause additional health problems

Allergic reactions are no banality since they cause several things in the body:

  1. Overactive immune reaction to harmless substances the body detects as enemies
  2. A constant activation of chemical processes that cause excess acid in the body
  3. This senseless fight weakens the body somewhere else because energy is wasted causing additional health problems.

Benefits of the REGU-Immun treatment

Allergies are not curable according to conventional medicine. Their therapies are detail-oriented (e.g. vaccines against hay fever, desensitizing against already harmless substances, strategies to avoid, suppression of symptoms).

The REGU-Immun therapy is concerned with the cause, not the symptoms. This means that our concept of therapy begins with the mechanisms of regulation that lead to symptoms on the body level.

ALLERGIE-Immun´s approach aims for a reset of the BRS (our power-, energy-, information- or bio-photon field) into a harmonious and natural state of the body.

Here is a question for you: if your child crossed the light on red, would you try to prevent it from walking with medication just because it acts "erroneously"? You probably would not, but that is exactly what people suffering from allergies do to their body. They prevent it from "regulating" normally. More info…

How does the REGU-Immun–therapy work?

For the analysis we need a small amount of blood or saliva. This contains all the necessary biological information.

A measurement method developed by A.I. enables us to make visible the subtlest differences in the earth´s radiation field and its effect on a human being. It gives us results of the body´s energetic disruptions.

Then a personalized Energetika is produced to help the body reset its original state of information. The Energetika is bound to water cured by ascorbic acid. This means that water is a carrier of information. The Energetika gives impulses to activate the body´s re-formation. You need to take the drops in the morning, at lunchtime and at night.

If this approach makes sense to you and you would like to learn more, please read: Information.

What you can do!

If you are affected by allergies or other disease you now have the choice between a scientifically approved medical therapy (de-sensitization or immune therapy) that has known side effects and can only alleviate symptoms and a new therapy that is not sufficiently scientifically proven yet but is completely without side effects and possibly offers the chance for healing.

You may certainly alleviate your symptoms by taking medication and hope for conventional medicine to find solutions. There are not only side effects, they may also lead to further health problems.

You may also try many other alternative methods that alleviate temporarily but often do not last.

Or you may try our REGU-Immun treatment by ALLERGIE-IMMUN – without instantly asking for scientific proof. Our experience shows astonishing results (see under German comments from Herr P. from Germany or Frau A. from Austria).

Allergies are no small thing but often the beginning of serious disruptions in regulation and the basis for many diseases (according to the results in our longstanding research).

Please don´t let anyone tell you allergies are incurable just because it is unknown to conventional medicine what the cause of erroneous reactions and disrupted regulations is. Take charge of the solution for your problem. Conventional medicine is currently not able to find the cause.

The REGU-Immun treatment helps you to recognize and correct energetic disruptions in regulation. According to us chronic disease mostly develops when this ability to regulate has been disrupted for a longer period of time.

Get to know the importance of a well-functioning bio-energetic regulation system and the effects of disruptions on your well-being.

Allergies and alongside other chronic ailments inexplicable by conventional medicine are indeed curable. Time and again we see that people overcome their disruptions in regulation with the REGU-Immun treatment, even though it was said that their state was hopeless or beyond treatment.

Please use all of our knowledge and experience to correct your allergies (energetic disruptions) with the REGU-Immun treatment gently and completely without side effects. Break the mold with us.

"If you want to achieve something never achieved before, you will have to do something never been done before"

(Albert Einstein).

The responsibility is entirely yours.